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Ultimate Converter Concepts Returns as a Title Sponsor for 2013!!

    Ultimate will be supporting Street Race for the 2013 season; which will be KOTS' version of John Sears' highly popular Ultra Street class ran up north and Ultimate Street ran down south by Donald Long. 

Instead of retiring the name of our original heads up class it will be revived as this exciting new class.  This partnership will compliment Lenny Croteau of Ultimate Converter Concepts' sponsorship of Ultra Street up north and hopefully encourage racers to travel to the sister events.  Most racers should be able to run both Street Race and Ultra Street without major changes to equipment or weights. 

When you are in need of a torque converter for any application, give Lenny a call.  He will treat you right and you can get the same Ultimate Converter race winning technology that is in the top cars of sportsman drag racing.

The 2013 King of the Streets / Holcomb Civil Wars Schedule is out!



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KOTS and Holcomb Civil Wars
presents the all new 
Ultimate Converter Concepts Street Race
rules and the all new
Killa Street budget heads up class.

What's the difference between Street Race and the Ultra Street class ran up north?
What you may want to know if you are an Ultra Street racer coming to run in Street Race.

* Power adder combos limited to a P275/60-15 DOT drag radial tire.
Ultra limits power adder combos to the Mickey Thompson 3754R radial tire.
* V6 entries deduct 100lb
Ultra has V6s deducting 200lbs
* Single 4150 carb deduct 50lbs (N/A or NOS only). 4150 based throttle body not eligible for deduction.
Ultra gives the weight break to 4150 based throttle bodies.
* Boosted LS 15*, TFS-R, TFS TW add 50 lbs (not permitted raised intake runner from factory height)
Ultra doesn't permit TFS-R & TFS TW to run forced induction or specify LS must run OEM intake runner location.
* Non intercooled boosted combos deduct 100lbs (no deduct if on Alcohol for fuel)
Ultra only give a 50lb break for non-intercooled.
* Non intercooled boosted combos running E85 deduct 50lbs
Ultra does not give any weight break for E85 non intercooled.
* Front mount air to air intercooled boosted combos deduct 50lbs (no deduct if on Alcohol for fuel)
Ultra doesn't give any break for air to air intercoolers.
* Model years prior to 1979 or any year true leaf sprung rear suspension deduct 50lbs.
Ultra gives a 100lb break for leaf sprung vehicles and no break for pre-1979 bodies.
* D1, V-7 JT Trim, NOVI 2000, Kenny Bell 3.6 – 3100
Ultra doesn't give a weight for these smaller blowers.
* F1A & V-4 J Trim -3150
Ultra doesn't include the J-trim in this weight bracket.
* GT55-80 and equivalent – 3275 (Any other equivalent turbo must have prior approval.)
Ultra doesn’t list a weight for the GT55-80.
* Blue Thunder, Edelbrock SC1, SBX and equivalent cylinder heads – 3300
Ultra only lists the Blue Thunder head in this category.
* GM LS 15 degree & Ford TFS-R or TFS-TW with stock intake port location and height – 3100
Ultra doesn’t include the TFS-R and TFS-TW in this category and has standard port location 15* LS grouped in the 3200lb 15 degree and up category.
* GM LS 15 degree & Ford TFS-R or TFS-TW with raised intake port location – 3200
Ultra doesn’t include this weight group, all LS 15* engines run at 3200.
* C3/C302B/C302/Yates style - 3150
Ultra has these heads at 3100 which is 50lbs less than raised runner stack valve angle combos.
* Nitrous plates using fogger nozzles or multiple adjustable internal nitrous spray outlets are not allowed.
Ultra just states “nitrous plates using fogger nozzles are not allowed.”
* Nitrous entries must utilize a single stage nitrous plate with all nitrous lines feeding the plate originating from the same solenoid or distribution fitting.
Ultra states “entries must utilize a single stage nitrous plate with one nitrous, one fuel and one redundant purge solenoid.”
* BB N/A limited to 640.
Ultra limits at 632. This allows a 632 to get a clean up if a cylinder wall is scratched.
* BOP nitrous engines limited to 470ci
Ultra allows a nitrous BOP to go 588ci. Ultra also permits a big block Mopar to run nitrous at 588ci. Street Race does not permit BBM to use nitrous.
* Hood height limited to maximum 8" tall measured from the tallest part of the hood to base of the windshield (measured with a level sitting on the tallest part of the hood).
Ultra states “cowl hoods may not be taller than half way point of the windshield.”
* Forward facing air inlet feeding induction on any combo add 50lbs.
Ultra doesn't permit forced induction a forward air source and states “forward facing scoops are prohibited on power adder combos unless factory installed or less than 5 inches from flat area of hood.”
* Must measure within 1" of factory wheelbase, body may not be moved from stock location
* All vehicles must maintain a minimum ride height of at least 2.5" while at rest and at race weight. No part my hang down lower that 2.5" off the ground including exhaust.
* No part of the car may protrude more than 45" forward of the front spindle centerline.

Ultra doesn't include any of the above 3 body rules.





Piedmont August 13th


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