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10.5 Outlaw
updated 2-08-13


.400 Pro-Tree
No Break Out


Naturally Aspirated
* Small Block No minimum weight
* Big Block No Minimum Weight

Nitrous Oxide
* Small Block 2200 lbs
* Big Block 4.840 & 4.900 Bore Center 2450 lbs (deduct 100lbs for less than 550ci)
* Big Block 5.00 Bore Center 2550 lbs
* Big Block 5.20 & 5.30 Bore Center 2650 lbs

Turbo Charged and Super Charged
* Single SB 2500 lbs Big Block 2700
* Twin Turbo 94mm SB 2700lbs BB 3050lbs (subject to additional weight based on performance)
* Twin Turbo 91mm SB 2650lbs BB 3000lbs
* Twin Turbo 88mm and smaller SB 2550lbs BB 2900lbs.
* Conventional heads deduct 100lbs
* Turbocharged stock bore space BB less then 550ci deduct 100lbs
* Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2500 lbs, BB 2700 lbs(deduct 100lbs for stock bore space BB less than 550ci)
* Twin Centrifugal Superchargers SB 2700 lbs, BB 3000 lbs(deduct 100lbs for stock bore space BB less than 550ci)
* Roots Supercharger SB 2500 lbs, BB 2700 lbs
* Screw superchargers max overdrive 121% "C" rotor 3000 lbs, 125% "D"rotor 2900lbs(MAXIMUM ENGINE SIZE 540ci)
* 8.2" deck height block & Ford Modular deduct 200lbs.

* 4 & 6 cylinder alcohol & intercooler permitted No minimum weight
* Maximum engine size on all turbo charged engines 670ci
* Any turbo or supercharged combination utilizing a block larger than 5" bore spacing add 100lbs.
* Maximum turbo size of 94mm on all twin turbo combinations

ALL cars must have mufflers - inserts are NOT considered mufflers, turbo charged cars DO NOT NEED mufflers. No Zommies Allowed.
Back Half Type Cars Only, Front Frame to be original O.E.M. type & must extend 4" forward of front spindle.(stock like front frame rails mandatory)
* Direct bolt in aftermarket parts permitted. Factory front frame must be connected to K-member or lower suspension component by welding or bolting.
* Double round tube frame rails from firewall forward prohibited. If utilizing a 1990 or older FACTORY A-ARMS deduct 50lbs from weights above.
Must be Street appearing, must have stock appearing dash and working lights, one piece fiberglass front ends permitted.
* One piece front ends permitted but must retain stock appearance and must have working lights. No panel cars.
Alcohol on NON intercooled cars only. Nitro methane PROHIBITED.
Minimum ground clearance of 2.5" from the front of the nose to 12" behind centerline of the front axle.
Towing will be allowed, you must stop at scales, time slips can be picked up at scales.
* Deep staging allowed, but track will not wait for a racer to get deep staged. When both pre-staged are activated,
either side stage light will start a 7-second stage count. Failure to activate stage bulb within 7 seconds will result in disqualification/timeout.
Disqualification will be based on a first or worse situation. Rules on controversial situations will be final at the discretion of the race director.
* Head & Neck Restraint - MANDATORY
* Lower engine containment device (Diaper) - MANDATORY
* Maximum front overhang 45" From centerline of front spindle.
* No car will be allowed to go faster than the chassis is certified for by NHRA.
* Maximum tire size 33x10.5
* Wheelbase must be within 2" of factory dimensions. Maximum front end stagger is 2". Wheelbase will be measured from centerline of front spindle to
centerline of rear axle. Any vehicle not in conformance with wheelbase rules will be assessed a 100lb weight penalty.
* Firewall must be within 2" of stock location. Firewall will be measured from the centerline of the front spindle to the farthest point away on the firewall.
Both sides will be measured and the average of the two sides will be the official measurement. Engine must remain in front of firewall. Firewall can not
be modified for engine placement. Any vehicle not in conformance with the firewall rules will be assessed a 100lb weight penalty.
* Air bottles on N/A, Supercharged and Turbocharged entries are to be filled with CO2 only. The use of nitrous oxide in place of CO2 is PROHIBITED.
All fuels are to be unmodified fuel as produced by manufacturer and must be commercially available. The use of fuel additives to enhance performance
is PROHIBITED. ALL entries are subject to random fuel check at any time.
The use of specially produced "one off" parts that are not commercially available and are deemed to have a performance advantage is PROHIBITED.
This includes but is not limited to blowers, turbos, torque convertors, nitrous systems etc.


* Once a racer takes the tree in qualifying they are counted in the ladder, will receive participation points and may not get an entree refund.
* All cars must be driven from the pit area to the starting line but may be towed back after a pass.
* Rules are subject to change and any combination that shows to have an definite advantage can be penalized to equalize the competition.
* Weather and time permitting, there will be 2 qualifying sessions. The quickest time will be the official qualifying time. Racers will be paired according to a pro-ladder. Driver with the quicker E.T. in the previous round during eliminations will have lane choice.
* Each car may only have 3 crew members in the staging area.
* Deep staging allowed at drivers own risk, no provisions made to hold the tree for the driver.
* If a race ends for any reason during a round of competition no points will be given for that unfinished round.
* Any minor intentional or unintentional rule infraction that does not cause a definite advantage will result in loss of any points and winnings achieved while in violation.
* Any intentional rule infraction done to gain advantage over the competition will result in disqualification a $3000 fine and suspension from all KOTS races until the fine is paid in full.
* A round does not begin until a KOTS official working the lanes says so.
* A driver does not start his burn out until an official says so.
* If a driver refuses to stage or is unable to stage or proceed to burnout after an KOTS official has told them to, the drivers will be disqualified during eliminations or loose their qualifying attempt for that round during qualifying.
* All drivers must be ready when called to the burnout box and must pull into his lane immediately when motioned up by an official or he will loose that round.
* If a driver double bulbs, the other driver does not have to pull up to the first beam.  He can make the other driver back out and pre-stage again.
* Treat the other driver the way you want to be treated.
* If you have a problem with another driver or team, take it up with an official (in an civil manner) not the other driver or team. If anyone starts an altercation with anyone else (right or wrong) they will be fined $500 and not be allowed in the competition area until the fine us paid (the instigator only not the entire team).

KOTS has the right to inspect vehicles and support vehicles at anytime for rule violations.  This includes tear downs and/or PNG engine measurements.  Refusal to allow an inspection or tear down will be considered the same as a performance rule violation and will require the same penalty.

If a racer believes another competitor in the same class is in violation of a rule, he or she may protest that racer for further inspection. The protesting racer must have a tech card for the current race. The racer making the claim must specify the violation to be checked for and put up a $200 protest bond plus any additional costs. Additional costs include but are not limited to damaged parts, gaskets, and reassembly fees by a professional shop of the car owners choice. Maximum shop fees will be set at the time of protest to not be excessive for the work to be done at the judgment of the KOTS president. If the racer is found guilty of that rule violation, the claimant will get his protest money back.

In the event of inclimate weather, the decision to call a race is the decision of the hosting track.


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