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Killa Street

updated 2-08-13

A budget oriented actual street driven hot rod class.


1/8th mile
.400 Pro-Tree
No Break Out

* Must have working headlights, tail lights, stock appearing interior, carpet, door panels, factory dash, 2 front seats, full stock floor pans, stock firewall.
* Lexan windows prohibited.
* Hood height limited to maximum 4" tall measured from the tallest part of the hood to base of the windshield (measured with a level sitting on the scoop).
* Turbo and superchargers not permitted forward facing air source.
* Fiberglass body panels limited to hood only except for OEM parts.
* Must measure within 1" of factory wheelbase, body may not be moved from stock location
* All vehicles must maintain a minimum ride height of at least 2.5" while at rest and at race weight. No part my hang down lower that 2.5" off the ground including exhaust.
* All cars must maintain factory front overhang and OEM style front bumper.
* All vehicles minimum base weight with driver 3300lbs.

* No wheelie bars.
* Bolt on stock suspension only.
* All suspension must bolt up in the factory OEM bolt holes with no relocation brackets. Cars equipped from the factory with transmission mounted torque arm may utilize an aftermarket front mount with bolt height as close to the OEM mount height as possible.
* Aftermarket rear anti-roll bars are the only non factory type or welded on rear suspension part permitted.
* Rear coil-overs not allowed.
* All vehicles must retain the full factory frame rails. Notching for rear tire clearance is permitted. Notches must be on outside portion of frame only.

* All entries must use Mickey Thompson 3753R, M&H MSS005, BFG 82648, or Nitto 180490 275/50R15 drive tires at base weight. Alternative large wheel tires are BFG 54462 and Nitto 180300 in 275/60R15 size, 16" Micky Thompson 3793R, 17" Micky Thompson 3745R, 18" Micky Thompson 3788R or 3786R

* Single type power adder only.

* No multiple stages permitted.
Second kit wiring and feed lines must be fully removed.
If a car is found with a second stage hooked up on the track property, the racer will be disqualified from the event with no entry refund.
* Only one 10lb nitrous bottle allowed in car at a time.
* Small block nitrous limited to a removable single spray bar nitrous plate and maximum solenoid orifice size of .098” and a single true 4AN feed line. No nitrous line in the system may be larger than 4AN. Racers may be required to replace their line with one provided by tech if a cheater line is suspected.
* Water meth injection allowed with maximum 50% methanol mix. May be required to empty and replace with tech provided “Boost Juice”.

* No billet wheels allowed.
* Maximum flange size T4.
* Maximum turbo compressor wheel 67mm measured tip to tip. (no reducers allowed to achieve this size and no clipped wheels)
* All turbos must utilize the original turbo manufacturers wheels for the turbo being used. No swapping to different manufacturers, 2nd party or custom wheels.
* All turbos must be completely manufactured by the company that made the housing. No second party turbo builder units or modified units permitted for any reason.
* You may be required at any time to remove your turbo and/or your turbo cover to be checked.
*Maximum supercharger sizes T-trim, P1SC or roots/screw superchargers with a maximum displacement of 3.0L. Centrifugal blowers must be side slinger belt driven.
* Air to air intercoolers permitted.
* Water meth injection allowed with maximum 50% methanol mix. May be required to empty and replace with tech provided “Boost Juice”.
* Air to water type intercooler not permitted except on vehicle originally equipped with A2W. Vehicles originally equipped with factory A2W intercoolers may run at base weight with original intercooler system or may upgrade with OEM type direct replacement aftermarket parts with a 50lb penalty. Any intercooler that uses water, ice, spray bars, dry ice or any other cooling medium is considered in this category. Cars utilizing A2W intercooling may not use water or water methanol injection of any form.

* Mufflers required on all entries.
* Exhaust must route under the car and extend to within 12” of the rear axle.

* Small block, 6cyl or 4cyl only.
* OEM passenger vehicle engine blocks only except for Ford modular at base weight.
* Aftermarket block engines except Ford modular add 100lbs.

* LS based engine combos add 100lbs. (better OEM block and 15 degree heads)
* All cylinder heads must be non raised intake runner must maintain the automobile OEM intake manifold bolt pattern. Ford TFS TW non-R permitted.
* Maximum aftermarket cylinder head intake runner volume 225cc. If there is doubt of cylinder head volume, a racer may be instructed to pull a cylinder head so the runner can be poured and volume verified.
* Any OEM unported passenger vehicle cylinder head permitted in any vehicle up to 225cc intake runner.
* OEM unported passenger vehicle cylinder heads with larger than 225cc intake runners permitted only in cars that were available from the factory with those heads.
* Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile combos permitted if 440ci or less.
* Cast single 4150 type or non converted cast fuel injection type manifolds only.
* All cars must have a radiator.

* Pump 93 octane gasoline is the only fuel permitted.
* Methanol only allowed in a 50/50 mix with water on non A2W intercooled cars only.

* Any ignition or EFI permitted.
* Progressive nitrous controllers & programmable boost controllers allowed.
* All cars must have a working alternator in use.


* SB nitrous - 8.2 deck or modular deduct 50lbs
* Aftermarket block engines except Ford modular add 100lbs.

* LS based engine combos add 100lbs.
* Vehicles originally equipped with factory A2W intercoolers may upgrade intercooler components with direct replacement aftermarket parts with a 50lb penalty.

* All vehicles must be driven to the staging lanes under their own power. May be towed back to the pits after the pass.
* When the official working the lanes gives the command, the first 2 pairs must fire their engines and idle until called to the water box. As the first 2 cars move up the next set of cars in the 3rd row must fire their engines then the 4th row as the 2nd pair pulls up, ect. The first 2 pairs of cars must always be running unless an official gives the OK to shut them off. Failure to start within 30 seconds of being told to fire or the beginning of the burnout by a car 2 rows ahead in line will disqualify the un-fired car.
* Failure to pull to the water box within 30 seconds of being motioned up by an official will result in disqualification.
* If a car dies before taking a beam, the driver has 30 seconds to re-fire before disqualification.
* If a car has any other mechanical issue after pulling to the water box and taking the first beam, the driver and crew member has 30seconds to get it corrected before being disqualified. Examples would be a stuck purge valve or loose part.
* Only 2 crew members allowed in the staging area past the burnout box with the car. This includes a team or family member filming or watching. After the first offense warning, the second time will disqualify the racer.
* Deep staging allowed at drivers own risk, no provisions made to hold the tree for the driver.
* If a driver double bulbs, the other driver does not have to pull up to the first beam. He can make the other driver back out and pre-stage again.

* Once a racer takes the tree in qualifying they are counted in the ladder, will receive participation points and may not get an entree refund.
* Rules are subject to change and any combination that shows to have an definite advantage can be penalized to equalize the competition.
* Weather and time permitting, there will be 2 qualifying sessions. The quickest time will be the official qualifying time. Racers will be paired according to a pro-ladder. Driver with the quicker E.T. in the previous round during eliminations will have lane choice.
* If a race ends for any reason during a round of competition no points will be given for that unfinished round.
* Any minor intentional or unintentional rule infraction that does not cause a definite advantage will result in loss of any points and winnings achieved while in violation.
* Any intentional rule infraction done to gain advantage over the competition will result in disqualification a $3000 fine and suspension from all KOTS and CW races until the fine is paid in full.
* Treat the other driver the way you want to be treated.
* If you have a problem with another driver or team, take it up with an official (in an civil manner) not the other driver or team. If anyone starts an altercation with anyone else (right or wrong) they will be fined $500 and not be allowed in the competition area until the fine us paid (the instigator only not the entire team).

* KOTS has the right to inspect vehicles and support vehicles at anytime for rule violations. This includes tear downs and/or PNG engine measurements. Refusal to allow an inspection or tear down will be considered the same as a performance rule violation and will require the same penalty.

If a racer believes another competitor in the same class is in violation of a rule, he or she may protest that racer for further inspection. The protesting racer must have a tech card for the current race. The racer making the claim must specify the violation to be checked for and put up a $200 protest bond plus any additional costs. Additional costs include but are not limited to damaged parts, gaskets, and reassembly fees by a professional shop of the car owners choice. Maximum shop fees will be set at the time of protest to not be excessive for the work to be done at the judgment of the KOTS president. If the racer is found guilty of that rule violation, the claimant will get his protest money back and will not be responsible for additional costs.

In the event of inclimate weather , the decision to call a race is the decision of the hosting track.



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