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Mickey Thompson Street Race

Street Race is heads up racing for all out street cars
with big power and little tires.
Updated 11-10-09
click here to see the preliminary 2012 rules

.400 Pro-Tree
No Break Out


01* tires limited to Mickey Thompson ET Drag 28X10.5 part numbers 3055, 3055S or D.O.T. Drag Radial size 275/60/15.
02* Must have stock frame rails intact from the drivers seat forward.
* Pre 1979 vehicles may have a bolt on aftermarket subframe front end.
* Pre 1974 Mustangs and Falcons may have a Mustang II front suspension conversion
03* Bolt on tubular K-member and A-arms are permitted
04* Rack and pinion conversions allowed
05* No wheelie bars
06* Must have all stock type working headlights and tail lights.
07* All body panels other than hood and spoiler must have stock dimensions, no part may have exposed fasteners except the hood and deck lid.
08* Aftermarket or fabricated front valance, chin spoiler or bumper cover must retain the OEM factory dimensions at the leading edge.  No part of the car may protrude more than 2" forward of the factory leading edge.
09* lexan windows permitted but must look like stock glass from 15' away
10* Total forward facing hood scoop height limited to 8 inches measured from the base of the windshield to highest point of the scoop.  Any rear opening cowl hood or clear forward scoop permitted.
11* Must retain firewall in the stock location
12* No gutted interior, must have 2 front seats, factory type dash, covered floor and door panels.
13* Must measure within 1" of factory wheelbase, body may not be moved from stock location
14* All vehicles must maintain a minimum ride height of at least 2.5" while at rest and at race weight.  No part my hang down lower that 2.5" off the ground including exhaust.

15* base weights before any adjustments for combinations

Small Block
* small block naturally aspirated single carb
* small block naturally aspirated dual carbs
* small block nitrous, 20 degree valve angle Ford, 23 degree Chevy & 18 degree Mopar
* small block nitrous, less than  20 degree valve angle Ford, 23 Chevy & 18 Mopar
* small block forced induction non-intercooled
* small block forced induction air to air intercooled or water/methanol injected
* small block forced induction air to water intercooled
* small block roots blown alcohol
* small block forced induction E85 fueled add 100lbs
* blower models YSI, F1A and turbo 80mm or smaller may deduct 50lbs
* forced induction less than  20 degree valve angle Ford, 23 Chevy & 18 Mopar add 50lbs
Small blocks larger than 440ci add 50lbs
* Small blocks larger than 470ci add 100lbs
* Non-stock bore space small blocks will be allowed to run at big block weights and rules.
* No Little Chief or SBX heads.  If you are planning on running a unconventional type head, contact KOTS to verify legality.
* No Billet heads permitted

* 6cyl deduct 200lbs from small block weight
* 4cyl deduct
300lbs from small block weight

Big Block
* Nitrous big blocks, conventional within 2 degrees of stock OEM valve angle 
* Big block naturally aspirated conventional within 2 degrees of stock valve angle 
* Big block naturally aspirated with any head 3100lbs
* Big block naturally aspirated with 2 carbs add 100lbs
* No 5" or larger bore space blocks
* BBC limited to 10.2 deck height
* Big blocks limited to 640ci.
* No forced induction big blocks
* No fuel injected big blocks

16* Big blocks with more than 2 degrees less than stock valve angle or non conventional design, examples..... C-460, Blue Thunder, Pro-Stock, Big Chief, Big Duke, spread port, Hemi big block or equal head will not be permitted a fogger, fogger nozzle plate or manifold mounted spray bar, only a conventional removable plate system limited to a single nitrous and a single fuel solenoid.  Minimum weight of

17* All entries must have mufflers except for turbo cars.

18* Gasoline or E85 will be the only fuels permitted, except roots blown entries which are allowed methanol

19* Only one power adder permitted per car
20* Turbocharger entries limited to a single true 88mm. Turbochargers are NOT permitted a forward facing inlet source (such as through the front grille, front valence, etc). All air entering the turbocharger must pass through the turbocharger inlet. Surge and/or recirculation slits prohibited on inlet housing. Turbocharger compressor wheel must be constructed of cast aluminum only, billet and exotic material wheels prohibited. Compressor wheel and housing may not be stepped, clipped or notched to meet impeller tip-to-tip dimension the contours must be continuous features from the inducer to the wheel exducer. Inlet reducers prohibited. Must be of conventional impeller and housing design and type.  No large frame turbos permitted.
* Models: Garrett GT47\88, Turbonetics HP\88, & Precision HP\8847H - maximum size of 88.0 mm /3.464” – inducer wheel diameter at the point where the leading edge of the compressor wheel meets the inlet housing. Inlet housing is permitted a maximum inlet diameter of 3.544”where the leading edge of the compressor wheel meets the housing.
21* Supercharger limited to Vortec X Trim, Procharger F1C, Roots type 8-71 or smaller units. 
22* Water/methanol injection allowed with gasoline being the primary fuel only.  At any time a racer can be instructed to empty their water/methanol tank and refill with washer fluid provided by tech
23* Air to water intercoolers allowed.  Must be solidly mounted and secure.  May be mounted in passenger area if seat can be cut to fit around it.  Seat doesn't have to be functioning.
24* No programmable boost controllers or any type throttle stop allowed, all boost controllers must be manual and mechanical.  Controller may not change settings in any way while the car is going down the track.
25* No splitting of nitrous systems.  

26* Click here for under hood nitrous wiring requirements

27* Progressive controllers not allowed.  Racers must remove controllers from the vehicle.  Nitrous must all come on, 100 % at one time.  No restricting flow at launch in any way.  No redundant solenoids allowed for any reason.

Nitrous limited to 1 stage. Second systems must be removed while at the race.  2nd system solenoid magnets and feed line must be removed from under the hood completely.   There will not be any exceptions or one time race allowance to this rule.
29* No timers or Digisets allowed for any reason.
30* Electronic traction control of any type not permitted.  7531 or 7730 is allowed.

31* Single carb only except for roots supercharged units or NA cars

32* All nitrous purge discharge tubes must be pointed away from any openings in the hood and the plume must be visibly all outside the engine bay.


* Once a racer takes the tree in qualifying they are counted in the ladder, will receive participation points and may not get an entree refund.
* All cars must be driven from the pit area to the starting line but may be towed back after a pass.
* Rules are subject to change and any combination that shows to have an definite advantage can be penalized to equalize the competition.
* Weather and time permitting, there will be 2 qualifying sessions. The quickest time will be the official qualifying time. Racers will be paired according to a pro-ladder. Driver with the quicker E.T. in the previous round during eliminations will have lane choice.
* Each car may only have 3 crew members in the staging area.
* Deep staging allowed at drivers own risk, no provisions made to hold the tree for the driver.
* If a race ends for any reason during a round of competition no points will be given for that unfinished round.
* Any minor intentional or unintentional rule infraction that does not cause a definite advantage will result in loss of any points and winnings achieved while in violation.
* Any intentional rule infraction done to gain advantage over the competition will result in disqualification a $3000 fine and suspension from all KOTS races until the fine is paid in full.
* A round does not begin until a KOTS official working the lanes says so.
* A driver does not start his burn out until an official says so.
* If a driver refuses to stage or is unable to stage or proceed to burnout after an KOTS official has told them to, the drivers will be disqualified during eliminations or loose their qualifying attempt for that round during qualifying.
* All drivers must be ready when called to the burnout box and must pull into his lane immediately when motioned up by an official or he will loose that round.
* If a driver double bulbs, the other driver does not have to pull up to the first beam.  He can make the other driver back out and pre-stage again.
* Treat the other driver the way you want to be treated.
* If you have a problem with another driver or team, take it up with an official (in an civil manner) not the other driver or team. If anyone starts an altercation with anyone else (right or wrong) they will be fined $500 and not be allowed in the competition area until the fine us paid (the instigator only not the entire team).

KOTS has the right to inspect vehicles and support vehicles at anytime for rule violations.  This includes tear downs and/or PNG engine measurements.  Refusal to allow an inspection or tear down will be considered the same as a performance rule violation and will require the same penalty.

If a racer believes another competitor in the same class is in violation of a rule, he or she may protest that racer for further inspection. The protesting racer must have a tech card for the current race. The racer making the claim must specify the violation to be checked for and put up a $200 protest bond plus any additional costs. Additional costs include but are not limited to damaged parts, gaskets, and reassembly fees by a professional shop of the car owners choice. Maximum shop fees will be set at the time of protest to not be excessive for the work to be done at the judgment of the KOTS president. If the racer is found guilty of that rule violation, the claimant will get his protest money back.


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