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Fall Civil Wars, Rockingham October 2nd-4th




Motor Mile Dragway September 12th
It just keeps getting better at ever race.  The action at Motor Mile was off the hook with major upsets of the heavy hitters getting knocked out and bumpers getting abused like never before.  KOTS faithful Tommy Sullivan went through a field of big guns like the Terminator eventually taking the win in the finals against new comer Chris Ellington in Mickey Thompson Street Race. 
Tommy's Brother James Sullivan got his first win on the same night as Tommy taking a victory in Nitrous Express 6.95.  Jeff Turner pulls a repeat by slaughtering the competition in Qwik Time 5.95.


Natural Bridge Saturday August 29th


Hardcore action was what it was all about at Virginia's house of outlaws.  Nick Yarbor and Scott Owenby set the pace for the race and met up in the Mickey Thompson Street Race finals with Nick squeaking out the win.   Twice during the race it looked like breakage would take Yarbor out again but he kept coming back every round.  The Qwik Time Mustang Coupe driven by Jeff Turner took the win in Qwik Time 5.95 against Turbo Matt in a nail biter of a final.  The wildest final was in Nitrous Express 6.95, where Jamie Doss and Ryan Osborne decided to run all out with no breakout.  The cars ran practically identical ET and MPH but at their request the scoreboards were turned off grudge style.  Doss had a margin of victory in the thousandths.   I hope we can see more all out races in the future among the index racers.  
Be sure to check out the story in RPM Magazine coming out at the end of September about King of the Streets, featuring NBD.


KOTS Own Alicia Scott on TV

  Pritchett Brothers Racing's new upcoming TV series (ORSCA North Ultimate Outlaw Shoot Out) about grassroots drag racing had its debut race at Lebanon Dragway in New York on August 22nd.  The race was sponsored by Holeshot Performance Wheels and Alicia was the Holeshot Wheels model and trophy girl.  Holeshot had one of a kind first place trophies for each class made from real Holeshot one piece front runner wheels.  The race was rained out after the second round of qualifying but the crew from Fox Sports Inside Drag Racing got enough footage for the intro TV spot that will air on FSN September 20th.  

Elk Creek Saturday August 15th


The Fog rolled in on the mountain completely covering the race track at Elk Creek.  For safety's sake the race was called after the second round of eliminations.  Thanks to all the racers and fans that came out to support King of the Streets.  After blessing us with perfect weather all season, nature was bound to take home a win before the end of summer.



Motor Mile Dragway  Saturday August 1st

King of the Streets returned to Motor Mile Dragway with a bang, literally.  If you missed it you missed one of the best shows of the season.

Elk Creek July 11th

Hammers were dropped and rubber was burned.  King of the Streets delivers again with a stellar show at Elk Creek.  Even though there was quite a bit of breakage the show continued with Terry Junk Yard Dog Harris finally getting a win after almost a two year dry spell in Mickey Thompson Street Race.   Nitrous Express 6.95 heavy hitter Randall Hill took the win in his S-10 street truck.  Chad Hancock's silver LX took the win in Qwik Time 5.95 and the biggest wheelie money sponsored by Qwik Time Performance.





 Piedmont Power Jam    Friday July 3rd
  Skinny Man Strikes Again.

Matt Mungall AKA Skinny Man wins his 2nd Street Race event in 2 outings.  Skinny was on a rail in the finals against Eric Speed McMillon with a lightning quick 5.29 to Speed's 5.37.
The Franklin Co, boys took Big Bird to the finals for the second time in a row but this time Brian Turner redlit, handing the win to Wonder Woman Gloria Mitchell.
Seeing Ryan Hammer Osborne and Jamie Doss in the finals was no surprise.  Jamie took home the big trophy and Ryan got the small one.


 Natural Bridge June 20th

Records fell and front ends went up and Natural Bridge Dragstrip.  Nick Yarbor breaks his own record in Mickey Thompson Street Race with a blazing 5.25 in the finals against previous record holder Scott Owenby.

Ryan Osborne gets the win against Jamie Doss in Nitrous Express 6.95 and Brian Turner pushed Stan Scruggs to a breakout in a edge of your seat final.




Virginia Motorsports Park  June 6th & 7th
The Holcomb Civil Wars Northern Campain

    The battle raged on as Holcomb carried the Civil Wars Series north into Richmond VA and King of the Streets fought valiantly as usual.  Street Race had the larges turn out in KOTS history, rolling deep with 23 cars.  We had several welcome newcomers in all three classes and we hope they will continue to be a part of the KOTS family.  More details to come.


Piedmont Dragway May 2nd

Even with drag racing's worst enemy (the weather man) forecasting 60 & 70% chance of rain KOTS racers only experienced perspiration and no precipitation at Piedmont Dragway.  It was a day of surprise finishes with a lot of heavy hitters going out early in the race.  Rockingham champ Scott Owenby had his motor lock up in the staging lanes and Kenneth "Chopper" Warta had a pit error cost him his chances at a win. 




Newcomer Brandon Cline limped his Calypso Mustang to a win in Mickey Thompson Street Race on 7 cylinders.



  Gloria "Wonder Woman" Mitchell showed the boys in Qwik Time Performance 5.95 how its done while mowing her way through a solid field of competitors.   Jamie Doss came to Piedmont with the intentions of a repeat win in True Street 6.95 and did just that.

Rockingham Spring Civil Wars March 20-22nd 2009

    The King of the Streets first race of 2009 is in the books.  It was all action at the Rockingham Civil Wars.  Street Race had 16 entries with North Carolina's Scott Owenby starting off the season with a win and the new ET record.  The Street Race records must be reset with the rule changes that happened over the winter.  Scott set the bar high with a stunning  5.29!!!  Newcomer Robert Agee runner upped at his first KOTS event in his Thunderbird.

Kid Rocket DJ Thompson let everyone know last season wasn't beginner's luck by laying down a 6.005 straight off the trailer for #1 qualifier in TCI 6.0.  Three KOTS Qwik Time 5.95 racers tied for going the furthest in the race, Stan Scruggs, Jody Sargent and Jake Horton.

In TCI 7.0 the KOTS True Street 6.95 gang represented going rounds.  Last seasons runner up Jeff Smith came out with guns blazing and new improvements to his convertible, going to the semis.   Jeff also won the 11.00 category in Carolina True Street after the 30 mile cruise.  The big winner in his KOTS debut was Jamie Doss with his gorgeous Tangerine GT, winning the event. Jamie only received 5 points because he went out in the first round and bought back in. 




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