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KOTS Champions & Senators Named

The Banquet was a great success with 62 in attendance.  Awards were given to the 2008 champions.
Street Race Champion, Jon Rittenhouse, runner up, Terry Harris
Qwik Time 5.95 Champion, D.J. Thompson, runner up Brian Turner
True Street 6.95 Champion, Seth Lineberry, runner up Jeff Smith

The 3 new KOTS Senators were named.
North, Nick Bernardo, General Manager of EB3 Motorsports in Chantilly VA and promoter of 6.00 races in that area.
Central, Terry Harris, runner up 2008 KOTS Street Race, runner up 2006 Diesel Up Eliminator, ex outlaw racer and race promoter.
South, Mike Fulbright, Founder and President of the SSCA, pioneer of small tire street car racing in the Carolinas.

Motor Mile Dragway October 4th 
Season Finals

  The 2008 season ends with the most exciting side by side bumper dragging action of the year.  There was no better place to have the bloody knuckled  slugfest than Motor Mile Dragway, the 1/8th mile of sticky concrete heaven. 
   The Points leader Jon Rittenhouse came into the last race with only one way to loose the championship, go out in the first round and have Terry Harris win the race. Lucky for Rittenhouse, Harris was so busy scraping rubber off the track with his back bumper he lost to Scott Owenby in the semi-finals.  After a lot of internet smack talk to his North Carolina rival Kenneth "Chopper" Warta, Stanley Virginia's Jeremiah Knight, aka Steath70 put his Chevelle in the winners circle.
  The Qwik Time Performance 5.95 championship was already in the bag before the final race. Nobody had a chance at taking the glory from 16 year old Rocky Mt. Virginia native, D.J. KidRocket Thompson so the battle resumed for second place between Brian Turner and Rowdy Holman. Turner had trouble on the top end of the track resulting in a slowing ET and a loss to Holman in the first round of eliminations but Holman didn't collect enough points to take second  place from Turner.  Just to show the crowd why he is the 2008 5.95 champion, D.J. won the race to boot.
  True Street 6.95 faithful Jeff Smith came to prove you don't have to be the fastest to win. He attended all but one race this season and came to the Motor Mile Race with a one point lead and his perfect street sleeper 2005 Mustang GT Convertible, chrome 17s and all.  Smith ran consistent mid 7s all year with his daily driven cruiser but along came Seth Lineberry joining King of the Streets mid season with a 69 Camaro and something to prove.  Lineberry was the car to beat and raised the bar from the first day he showed up.  Seth made us crunch the numbers when he lost in the second round to his friend Danny Billings puting him at a dead tie with Jeff Smith for the 6.95 points lead.  In the event of a tie you have to go to most number of wins then runner ups.  Factoring in this information put Seth Lineberry on top as the 2008 True Street 6.95 Champion.
   True Street picked up a new racer at Natural Bridge in July and Ryan Osbourne has been with us at every race since.  Ryan piloted his Malibu to his first King of the Streets win at Motor Mile while also earning best ET and reaction time of the event.
  For everyone who thinks 2008 was the best it can get, stay tuned,  2009 will blow your mind.  With several cars that didn't get finished for the 2008 season, the injured race cars of this season and the slew of new cars in the works, next season will be insane!!!!!


August 23rd Race at Natural Bridge

Tight, action packed, side by side racing in all 3 classes kept the fans  undivided attention.  Team North Carolina took home the cash in Street Race.  The Chopper Kenneth Warta chopped his way through the field of bad hot rods.   

   Full Results





Devastating Crash at Natural Bridge Ends Race
July 26th
Street Race standout Jayson Dalton puts his Nova on its roof after qualifying #1.  Jayson was up walking around after he got his bearings together but was banged up pretty good.

  Hopefully Bodacious will be back racing with us soon.    

  Full Story


July 12th Virginias vs. the Carolinas at Elk Creek

New records set at the biggest race in King of the Streets history.  John Rittenhouse brings it home for team VA.  The debut of True Street 5.95 and 6.95 was a great success with side by side to the stripe racing in both classes.
Full Story

 June 14th Rainout

The hurricane hit, the track crew worked hard to get the track dry.  As soon as it was, the rain attacked again.  Fox 21/27's Becky Freemal was the only one with all weather tires on her hot rod, so she won the race uncontested.  The race has been rescheduled to this Saturday, June 21st at Motor Mile in Radford.  Elk Creek will in turn be getting the  July 12th date.


The Memorial Day race at Motor Mile Dragway was a big success with K92's Monica Brooks taking a ride in Junkyard Dog Terry Harris' 67 Chevy II and we saw several new cars in both classes. Full Story

Junk Yard Dog in the News

King of the Streets now has a channel on the Power TV online network. You can watch all the bumper draggin action any time you want.  Just remember  to turn the volume down if you are watching at work.


Patrick Banard, driver of Big Craig's Camaro in 2007 was killed in a motorcycle accident. He will be missed by KOTS and all his friends.

The first race of every King-of-the-Streets season will be dedicated to the memory of Patrick.

Rest in peace Patrick.
 May 3, 1975-April  19th 2008

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